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Powerscourt House, Gardens & Waterfall 27.05.2024
National Botanic Gardens of Ireland 05.05.2024
Start of an Irish adventure! 28.04.2024
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic Centre of Salzburg 27.04.2024
Wanderings around Spittal and the foothills of the Alps 01.04.2024
Spittal an der Drau 25.11.2023
Emerging from the pandemic: Arrival in Austria 24.11.2023
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn 17.05.2023
Week in Vienna 12.05.2023
Day at the Hofburg 03.05.2023
Der Liebe Augustin and a dressed skeleton 16.02.2023
The City Museum in the Old Town Hall 14.02.2023
Bratislava Castle and Old Town architecture 26.09.2022
Museums and a Soviet war memorial 19.09.2022
St Martin's Cathedral and the Blue Church 05.09.2022
Multi-country journey from Basel to Bratislava 13.08.2022
Birthday, Museum Tinguely and a return to the Rhine 31.07.2022
Ill in Basel 18.07.2022
Start of a 3-week trip across Basel, Bratislava and Vienna 01.07.2022
A week in Swabia 18.06.2022
First time in Switzerland! 28.05.2022
An American encounter in Belgrade 30.04.2022
A very special day in Užice 19.09.2021
Užice, Serbia 11.07.2021
Back to the Balkans 01.07.2021
Working in Vienna 25.06.2021
Return to Vienna: Coffee and goulash 03.06.2021
Highlights of my last two days in Prague 26.05.2021
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic Centre of Prague 15.04.2021
Flixbus to Prague 23.05.2020
Medical history, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Berlin Wall 14.05.2020
German Historical Museum and the DDR Museum 24.02.2020
Arrival in Berlin 24.01.2020
Latin America in Germany 12.01.2020
The German Baltic: Warnemünde 01.01.2020
A Moment of Time 19.12.2019
Maritime flavour of Rostock 10.12.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Hanseatic City of Lübeck 09.12.2019
Hercules and the Lindworm 18.11.2019
Back in Graz 08.11.2019
In the middle of Austrian wine country 01.11.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: City of Graz - Historic Centre 27.10.2019
A taste of Slovenia 23.10.2019
The Oberstadt 13.10.2019
The German excursion: Lindau im Bodensee 09.10.2019
On the shore of the Bodensee 22.09.2019
From east to west: Mödling to Bregenz 16.09.2019
Mödling 15.09.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic Centre of Vienna 09.09.2019
Update on blog: The new chapter 23.04.2019
Welcome back to the UK 15.04.2019
Goulash, chicken paprikash and a new case 14.04.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Castle Hill explorations 05.04.2019
Hailstorm in the heat of August...! 26.03.2019
Stunning view of Budapest 26.03.2019
Tired but happy in Hungary 25.03.2019
More rail travel 25.03.2019
Sighișoara: Germanic influences 24.03.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic Centre of Sighișoara 23.03.2019
Arrival in Transylvania 22.03.2019
Bucharest 22.03.2019
Arrival in Romania 22.03.2019
Train to Romania: Goodbye Bulgaria... 21.03.2019
More goodbyes 21.03.2019
Wandering around Varusha (Old Town) 20.03.2019
Last stay in Sofia; the Ladies' Market calls 20.03.2019
Dave's last day in Veliko Tarnovo 19.03.2019
Turkish Delight (Lokum) 19.03.2019
Back to Europe 19.03.2019
Sunset and coffee next to the Aegean 18.03.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Pamukkale and Ancient Hierapolis 18.03.2019
Ephesus Museum 18.03.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Ephesus 17.03.2019
Selçuk: aqueduct, storks, basilica and fortress 15.03.2019
Mediterranean Turkey: Izmir 14.03.2019
Lazy day 14.03.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Göreme Open Air Museum 14.03.2019
Hot air balloon flight 13.03.2019
Arrival in Cappadocia 12.03.2019
Modern Istanbul 10.03.2019
The Spice Market & a taste of Asia 10.03.2019
Grand Bazaar and the Istanbul Archaeology Museum 09.03.2019
The Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cistern & more 09.03.2019
Topkapi Palace 03.03.2019
Aya Sofya (Hagia Sophia) 26.02.2019
Arrival in Istanbul; the fulfilment of a dream... 20.02.2019
Relaxation before our night bus to Istanbul 08.02.2019
Thracian treasure, wonderful pizza 08.02.2019
Mount Vitosha 06.02.2019
Dave arrives - ready for 3 weeks of adventure! 30.01.2019
Highlights of Skopje 30.01.2019
Arrival in Macedonia 30.01.2019
Money-changing in Sofia 30.01.2019
Last teaching day 30.01.2019
Hiking through the hills; Preobrazhenski Monastery 27.01.2019
The Turkish Quarter, Veliko Tarnovo 27.01.2019
Fireflies, fireworks & 'Detski Romski' festival 27.01.2019
Further Plovdiv explorations 27.01.2019
The Valley of the Roses 26.01.2019
Into the mountains: Shipka Pass 26.01.2019
Lunch with a view 25.01.2019
Frescoes, baklava and more strawberries 25.01.2019
Strawberry and cherry season is upon us! 24.01.2019
Balabanov House, the Roman stadium and more 24.01.2019
Return to Plovdiv - this time with Mum! 24.01.2019
Bridge across the River Yantra 24.01.2019
Spectacular thunderstorm 24.01.2019
Tryavna revisit 24.01.2019
Nice week so far, about to get even better... 24.01.2019
Public art of Veliko Tarnovo 23.01.2019
Lovely way to finish our holiday 23.01.2019
Long wait in Varna 23.01.2019
Burgas: Ethnographical museum and Happy Bar & Grill 23.01.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Old Nessebar 23.01.2019
Fine dining in Burgas 23.01.2019
Sozopol: Gem on the Black Sea coast 23.01.2019
Roman baths and the Varna Gold Treasure 23.01.2019
Varna: Maritime Capital of Bulgaria 23.01.2019
The Stone Forest (Pobiti Kamani) 23.01.2019
Blast from the past! 22.01.2019
Dave arrives - the Black Sea beckons! 22.01.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Rila Monastery 22.01.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Boyana Church 22.01.2019
Sofia tomorrow 22.01.2019
Back to Arbanasi 22.01.2019
Another scorching day for April 22.01.2019
More visitors arrive! 22.01.2019
Bulgarian Orthodox Easter Sunday 21.01.2019
Bulgarian Easter Eve traditions 21.01.2019
The Blue Danube 21.01.2019
Basarbovo Rock Monastery 21.01.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo 21.01.2019
Medieval Town of Cherven 21.01.2019
Bulgarian Orthodox Good Friday 21.01.2019
Visitors! 21.01.2019
Bulgarian Orthodox Palm Sunday 21.01.2019
Beautiful Arbanasi 21.01.2019
Glorious spring day 21.01.2019
Veliko Tarnovo Day celebrations 21.01.2019
Nicopolis ad Istrum and Lesicheri Obelisk 21.01.2019
Liberation Day 21.01.2019
Lovely relaxing Plovdiv 20.01.2019
Into the Rhodopes: Bachkovo Monastery & Asenovgrad Fortress 20.01.2019
Plovdiv: Baba Marta, Roman amphitheatre and icons 20.01.2019
Plovdiv: Start of the March holiday weekend 20.01.2019
Signs of Spring 19.01.2019
Pancakes 19.01.2019
Sisters depart 19.01.2019
Happy birthday! 18.01.2019
Birthday visitors! 18.01.2019
Dryanovo Gorge & Monastery 18.01.2019
Tryavna: Ice, hot sand coffee and amazing woodcarving 18.01.2019
Bulgarian Chinese food 18.01.2019
Return to Bulgaria 18.01.2019
The rest of the holiday 18.01.2019
Sale 18.01.2019
Wedding plans get going! 18.01.2019
Back in England 18.01.2019
Boxing Day 18.01.2019
Christmas Day 18.01.2019
Christmas Eve 18.01.2019
Arrival in Veliko Tarnovo for Christmas 18.01.2019
Back to Sofia - Dave arrives for Christmas 18.01.2019
Beautiful walk this morning 18.01.2019
Monument to the Assen Dynasty 18.01.2019
Advent parcel! 18.01.2019
Typical day for me in Veliko Tarnovo 18.01.2019
Going to the Rugby World Cup next year! :-) 18.01.2019
Lunch in the countryside 18.01.2019
National Revival Day 17.01.2019
Mum returns to the UK, I stay on in Sofia 17.01.2019
Sofia: Thracian treasure troves & delectable cakes 17.01.2019
Mum in Veliko Tarnovo 17.01.2019
Mum's here in VT 16.01.2019
SNOW!!! - Long journey to Sofia though! 16.01.2019
Place to play pool in Veliko Tarnovo 16.01.2019
Arbanasi: Absolutely fantastic experience! 16.01.2019
Bulgarian Independence Day, a Bulgarian lesson and more 16.01.2019
Waterfalls 16.01.2019
Veliko Tarnovo: Tsarevets Fortress, Bulgarian cuisine & more 16.01.2019
Veliko Tarnovo! 16.01.2019
Goodbye St Albans - Bulgaria tomorrow! 16.01.2019
Further explorations of London 16.01.2019
Relaxation in St Albans 16.01.2019
London explorations 16.01.2019
Wrecclesham and Farnham: Trip down memory lane 16.01.2019
Little Chef 16.01.2019
Winchester 16.01.2019
The New Forest: Day Two 15.01.2019
The New Forest: Day One 15.01.2019
Catch-up in Beeston 15.01.2019
Flamstead Scarecrow Festival 15.01.2019
Oxford: Lardy cake, witch in a bottle, shark & more 15.01.2019
Oxfordshire walk 15.01.2019
Manchester: Deer, dear? 14.01.2019
St Albans: Re-acquaintance with my hometown 14.01.2019
Return to the UK: 100th anniversary of start of World War 1 14.01.2019
Madrid: Art, anthropology, El Rastro flea market and more 14.01.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic City of Toledo 14.01.2019
First proper taste of Madrid and I love it 14.01.2019
Arrival in Madrid 14.01.2019
Goodbye to Ecuador 14.01.2019
Goodbye to Guayaquil 14.01.2019
Goodbye to the Ecuadorian coast 14.01.2019
Whale-watching and Isla de la Plata 14.01.2019
Puerto Lopez: Sun, sea, sand and amazing seafood 14.01.2019
Garlic crab in Guayaquil 13.01.2019
Quito: Historic, bohemian Guápulo district 13.01.2019
Mindo: Cloud forest, butterflies, waterfalls and ziplining 13.01.2019
Last full day in Quito 13.01.2019
Arrival in Quito after a long day of travelling 13.01.2019
Quirky restaurant in Vilcabamba yesterday 13.01.2019
Vilcabamba 13.01.2019
Loja: cultural capital of southern Ecuador 13.01.2019
World Cup Final, leaving drinks and my last day at work 13.01.2019
Tropical animals, architecture of old Guayaquil 13.01.2019
Guayaquil: Urban regeneration and green lizards 13.01.2019
Ecuador's World Cup passion 12.01.2019
Cotopaxi Volcano 12.01.2019
The Chapel of Man, then engagement ring success! 12.01.2019
Thermal baths and a landslide at Papallacta 12.01.2019
Pageantry, history and an engagement ring hunt 12.01.2019
Snakes, exotic plants and a stunning city view 12.01.2019
Otavalo and the Line of the Equator 12.01.2019
Gold sun mask and traditional ice cream 11.01.2019
Ziplining during the day, thermal baths at night... 11.01.2019
White-water rafting and some thermal baths 11.01.2019
Arrival in Baños 11.01.2019
Cuenca with Dave 11.01.2019
Back from the Galápagos. Cuenca tomorrow! 11.01.2019
Galápagos Islands: Volcano trek, snorkelling and a proposal! 11.01.2019
Galápagos Islands: So much wonderful wildlife! 11.01.2019
Galápagos Islands: Isabela (Abermarle) 10.01.2019
Galápagos Islands: Santa Cruz (Indefatigable) 10.01.2019
Dave's here! 10.01.2019
Seduced by the Ecuadorian coast 10.01.2019
Los Frailes Beach 10.01.2019
Holiday weekend begins 10.01.2019
I've moved flats! 10.01.2019
Dad's birthday 10.01.2019
Easter Sunday in Quito 09.01.2019
Easter Saturday at the Equator: Cayambe and Quitsato Sundial 09.01.2019
Easter Saturday: Otavalo Market 09.01.2019
Good Friday Processions, Quito 09.01.2019
Cuenca to Guayaquil 09.01.2019
Palm Sunday in Cuenca 09.01.2019
Visitors: Malecón, Las Peñas, Cerro Santa Ana and salsa 09.01.2019
Visitors! 09.01.2019
Night out in Guayaquil: the floating 'Captain Morgan' 09.01.2019
Ecuadorian football match: Emelec vs. Liga de Quito 09.01.2019
Bowling 09.01.2019
Carnival, Day 4: Return through the Andes 08.01.2019
Carnival, Day 3: Bus frustrations and a night out in Baños 08.01.2019
Carnival, Day 3: Baños, tree swing and Ambato 08.01.2019
Carnival in the Amazon: waterfalls and caves 08.01.2019
Journey to the Amazon: Carnival! 08.01.2019
Mayoral Election Day 08.01.2019
Mum's last day in Guayaquil 08.01.2019
Quito and Grand Hotel Guayaquil 08.01.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: City of Quito 08.01.2019
Off to Quito with Mum! 08.01.2019
Guayaquil explorations with Mum 08.01.2019
Mum is here! 08.01.2019
Encocado Mixto 08.01.2019
Birthday celebrations 08.01.2019
Botanical garden, music & a crystal palace 07.01.2019
Bleary-eyed beyond belief 07.01.2019
Departure eve 07.01.2019
Borough Market and Bethnal Green, London 07.01.2019
Back to Ecuador soon 07.01.2019
Saddest Epiphany 07.01.2019
Old Hemel 07.01.2019
Manchester and Nottingham 07.01.2019
New Year's Eve 07.01.2019
Visit to Dad's workplace 07.01.2019
Tragedy 07.01.2019
Reunions 07.01.2019
Home soon for Christmas 07.01.2019
Party by the beach 07.01.2019
Christmas is coming... 06.01.2019
Municipal Museum, Guayaquil 06.01.2019
Pre-Columbian culture: Los Amantes de Sumpa 06.01.2019
Return to Guayaquil 06.01.2019
Independence of Cuenca Day 06.01.2019
All Souls' Day, Cuenca 06.01.2019
Back in Cuenca for the holiday weekend! 06.01.2019
Teaching idea 06.01.2019
Freshwater swimming 06.01.2019
Rodeo Montubio 06.01.2019
Independence of Guayaquil (and other celebrations) 06.01.2019
Sushi, cocktails and a beautiful view 06.01.2019
Isla Santay 06.01.2019
Food discoveries 06.01.2019
Las Peñas and Cerro Santa Ana, Guayaquil 05.01.2019
General Cemetery of Guayaquil 05.01.2019
Return to Ecuador 04.01.2019
Unexpected trip home 04.01.2019
Emergency flight home 04.01.2019
D'oh! 04.01.2019
Gorgeous Cuenca 04.01.2019
Independence Day, Ecuador 04.01.2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site: Arrival in Cuenca 04.01.2019
Hot air balloons, New Year customs, Ecuadorian Chinese food 04.01.2019
Further explorations of Guayaquil: Monuments and iguanas 04.01.2019
Guayaquil Explorations 04.01.2019
Guayaquil update 04.01.2019
Teaching 04.01.2019
Excursion to Punta Blanca and Montañita 03.01.2019
Update from Guayaquil 03.01.2019
Layover en route to Guayaquil 03.01.2019
First blog post! 03.01.2019