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Los Frailes Beach

Montañita, Olón and Los Frailes Beach

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After breakfast in Montañita we took a bus 2 kilometres up the road to Olón. Olón is even smaller and laid-back than Montañita, which has become busier and busier in the last couple of years. We walked into 'Hostal Bambino' on the seafront, a colourful building with an unfinished top floor - something very common in Ecuador - and got hold of rooms for $10 a night.

Then we stocked up on some snacks and took a bus to Los Frailes, a famous beach in Machalilla National Park, about 40 minutes up the coast from Olón. Ever since I came to Ecuador people have raved about Los Frailes to me, so I was particularly keen to visit it this weekend.

One of the others had been here before, when it was sunny, and said that the water was really blue and clear and and he saw lots of fish while snorkelling. Unfortunately it was cloudy today and for some reason the sea was very green and not all that clear. It didn't look like pollution, though; maybe it was algae? Anyway, despite this I could still see why people recommended the beach to me. It has an air of isolation, because to get there you have to walk or get a tuk-tuk from the main road down a 2km dirt path.


The beach sweeps round very nicely, with hills in the background and some bright green plants growing through the sand along the edge of the sand.


I had a nice swim with some of the others, some snacks for lunch and a walk along the beach with 'S', and lastly did some writing in the sand.


I set myself a challenge of swimming to the rocks at the foot of the headland, some distance away - it took some time but I got there in the end. On the walk we saw one or two tiny lizards and crabs.


We also came across a little grove of poisonous trees, which according to the sign next to them, had toxic leaves and fruit.


After spending a good couple of hours at Los Frailes we took tuktuks back to the main road and flagged down a bus to Olón. There we had dinner and a few games of pool with a friend of 'SD' at the bar/ restaurant and ended the evening with a sit down, drink and a chat on the beach after dark.


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