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First proper taste of Madrid and I love it


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The highlights of today (not in chronological order);

- the same feeling of excitement that I had yesterday

- the Museo del Prado - lots of really famous art by El Greco, Goya, Velázquez (I was particularly keen to see his work because I remember doing an essay in my third year at Swansea about some of his paintings within this museum), de Zúrbaran, Fra Angelico and Titian, amongst others. I only had to queue for twenty minutes and because it was between 6-8pm I got in for free.


- A lovely walk through the massive Parque del Buen Retiro. These gardens were really pleasant and I came across a big lake as well as the beautiful Crystal Palace... slightly bizarrely the latter had lots of small wicker rocking chairs set up inside, each with a thick book attached to the chair by a string. I thought that was a really good idea. You couldn't stay inside the building for too long because the sun created an atmosphere like the inside of a greenhouse, but it was still a very interesting and rather unusual environment to be in!


- Another lovely walk, this time round the small Royal Botanic Gardens.


- Wandering the streets, taking in the beautiful plazas and architecture.


- Churros and a mixture of hot chocolate and black coffee with sugar for breakfast at the hostel.

- the interior of the Parroquia San Jerónimo El Real, which is behind the Museo del Prado. Unfortunately I could only have a quick look from inside the the entrance because a service was going on, but I loved what I saw.


These aren't highlights in particular, but I'd still like to mention them. On the way back from the Museo del Prado in the evening, I came across a peaceful pro-Gaza march along a street round the corner from my hostel.


Once I got back to the hostel I had some of the paella that is provided cheaply there every evening - not bad at all.

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Food discoveries


I'm hungry at the moment which is why I'm going to start by talking about food... I've become very fond of some delicious sausages called 'Chorizo Español', though I'm not sure if these ones are actually imported from Spain or are just an Ecuadorian imitation. I first tried them at a barbecue held at the apartment of D and A, two then-new colleagues of mine.


Their condo has a very well maintained communal outdoor swimming pool, which I made full use of!


The first thing I did when I went food shopping the next day was go straight to the sausage section and buy a big pack of Chorizo Español. I lived off them for the following three days yet this has in no way dampened my enthusiasm for them!

Speaking of food, yesterday evening I had some churros for the first time in Ecuador. I got them from one of the mobile grill/frying stands that tend to congregate near to or opposite the entrances to shopping malls, supermarkets and other big businesses on weekend evenings. Officially they're not actually allowed to operate, which is why (or so I've heard) the grill owners scurry away, pushing their stalls on wheels, whenever they see a particular type of police approaching. The churros I got were delicious, sprinkled with sugar and served in a paper bag for 50 cents. I think tomorrow evening I might go out and see if that stand is there again...

Tomorrow there's a big group of us going to Isla Santay, a large island in the river Guayas. It sounds like it will be a very interesting experience - I can't wait!

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