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Arrival in Madrid

Bogotá and Madrid

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Edit from January 2019: Las Musas Hostel still seems to be going strong. Unforunately, Asador Arrizmendi restaurant seems to have closed permanently.

My connection in Bogotá was smooth and quick, a nice contrast to the palaver I'd gone through at the airport in Guayaquil! Even though I knew I'd be within the airport the whole time, when I saw the lights of Bogotá as we landed I still felt the familiar twinge of excitement of arriving in a new city and country. It was night time by now.

Before I boarded the plane to Madrid I managed to use up $1.80 of the $4 I still had left in my Ecuadorian bank account on a bottle of Coca-Cola Light.

The nine-an-a-half-hour flight from Bogotá went smoothly; it was a night flight so I spent most of my time trying to sleep. I was in the middle row so didn't get to look out of the window at all.

My journey from the airport to the hostel in Madrid (Las Musas Hostel) took quite a long time but I got there in the end. By the time I dumped my bags in my dorm room it was between 4.30 and 5 pm. I was absolutely knackered. The hostel looked really good but one thing I would suggest to them is that they make their lift a bit bigger and sort out its doors - they swung inwards and then snapped shut very quickly, which made manoeuvring my case, rucksack, laptop bag, coat, two wide-brimmed hats (they wouldn't fit in the case) and paper map through the doors turn into something more akin to a door-wrestling match.

It was still quite hot and sunny and I revelled in being in another new city and country again. I had never been outside of the airport before, so had never officially stepped onto Spanish soil until now. The impressions that struck me on this first evening were;

- the strangeness, in a good way, of it still being quite light outside at 9 pm. In Guayaquil it gets dark between roughly 6.15 and 6.30 pm all year round...
- the lack of humidity in comparison to Guayaquil
- being able to walk down the road without having to watch out for unexpected holes in the pavement
- European faces instead of indigenous and mestizo
- people pronouncing the 'c' in 'gracias' like 'th' instead of 's'
- the change in architecture

Dinner was at Asador Arrizmendi, a restaurant only round the corner from Las Musas. It was delicious. I had as an appetizer of two small chorizo sausages and a bread roll with butter; as a main course prawn and leek pie; and as a dessert a set Basque custard very like créme caramel, with whipped cream and sugared, flaked almonds on top.


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