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Garlic crab in Guayaquil


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The flight from Quito was uneventful and I arrived back in Guayaquil late afternoon.

In the evening I went out for dinner with my friend and colleague 'E' to a crab restaurant. I was desperate to have crab at least once before I left Ecuador, because the coast is known for its crab dishes and many people, including several students, had recommended them to me. I had garlic crab; there wasn't all that much meat in them, apart from in particularly large and fat pincers, but I was still really glad I'd had them. What there was was very tasty and juicy. I was given a wooden mallet to crack the shells, legs and pincers with! They were all very thick, so a hammer or mallet of some sort was definitely needed. I was given a plastic bib at the start as well; this was also very much needed due to bits of shell and garlic flying around! 'E' had ceviche and then helped me out with one or two of my crabs as I had several and each one took me quite a long time to eat.


While we were waiting for our food to arrive 'E' gave me a goodbye present - a keyring in the shape of a palm tree, made of different sections carved from coloured tagua nuts. Tagua is called 'vegetable ivory' due to the close similarity in texture and colour to the real thing.

After the crab restaurant we went to my favourite morocho stand and had a cup of it each for dessert. Morocho is a delicious drink very much like a drinkable rice pudding, only made with a broken-up type of white corn instead of rice. The taste and texture is almost exactly like rice pudding.

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